About us

Who are we?

Based in Blaenau Ffestiniog, we are a slate roofing company who are passionate about old slate roofs and have created a slate roof conservation product which is unequalled in its power to save roofs and money. We have worked on cosy houses, grand churches, public halls and wind swept clifftops for over 30 years and in all this time our roofs are still standing firm against the brutal British storms.

We carry out all aspects of roofing as shown on our joblog, but our three main areas are demonstrated below:

Heritage Roofing

Using slating techniques which have been handed down from generations, we pride ourselves in laying these fabulous slate roofs. We believe the old ways of laying a roof are the best and we’ve stripped and recovered roofs which are 400 years old, roofs that were made when any slate, no matter its shape, curve or thickness went on the roof.
A slate which in the golden age of the slate industry would have been chucked on the slate tips. We’ve realised that to make these fabulous old roofs, we have to process our slate from this old discarded slate and that’s our ambition as a company- to source, split, and lay slate roofs in a traditional techniques with a character of a bygone era.

Traditional Slating

With over 30 years history, we take pride in our slating work and never compromise on standards. Laying all our roofs to BS5534 and operating a professional work force capable of delivering small and large scale products, our roofing packages are set up to offer clarity and trust from the first enquiry to close of contract


Original Roofing Company have exclusive rights to apply the Stormflex Slate Roof Conservation System which was developed as an alternative to the standard strip and re-slate technique. Why? Because we noticed too many beautiful buildings falling into disrepair due to the unavoidable fact that saving old roofs is an expensive process.

The Stormflex system is a 20 year guaranteed holding repair which does not change the original function of the roof but results in a highly strong and durable roof with a 20 year guarantee. We are very proud of the fact that many an old roof is still functioning which otherwise would have been stripped and re-placed with a low cost modern alternative. We are passionate about conservation but also realise we live in difficult financial times which require practicable solutions to keep these fabulous old slates roofs.