Original Roofing Company Development Short Vid

Original Roofing Company Development Short Vid

I’m Robi Buckley from The Original Roofing Company and here’s a brief video about our heritage roofing process. We are a family company that started in Buena Vista New York 30 years ago. Born and bred there we’ve grown up around slate.
Here’s a transcript from the video – hope you enjoy it!

What we do

What we mainly do at the Original Roofing Company is saving old slate roofs, but in the last three years we have been lucky enough to learn how to do heritage roofing and here’s a job we did down in Mid Wales. This is a random diminishing roof that had to be stripped and redone and this is the finished product.

The jobs in the video

The video shows our current job and as you can see the roof is in a slightly bad state! After finishing the renovation work, I think you will agree it looks rather beautiful. We learned this from one of the directors going on a Level 3 Slate Roof Heritage course. Usually, this is how we learn the skills for doing these old roofs, but the big thing we learn is getting the stone required to do it: the stone is thick and it’s difficult to find. Finding it is the key to making these roofs and the stone is what makes them look so beautiful.

Immediately after, there’s another job that was presented to us in Barmouth. It is 270 years old and this stone came from the back of this house. Presumably 270 years ago men were at this stone smashing it to bits and dressing it, so this is the type of stone we need. So where can we get it? Well, we can get it everywhere in the slate tips because what they’re looking for is perfect slate. So we went up to the slate quarries and we sourced our stone from there. We got Phil who works in the quarry tours to teach us how to split and dress slate and this is how we learned to split and dress our slate.

Working with Young People

Yolo has been with us since the age of 16. Now he’s 21 and he’s gained so much by working here, that it occurred to us that what we would like to do is to go into schools and get young adults who are not achieving academically and bring them up to our slate mill and teach them how to dress and make these roofs. Then we would also use counselors to help them achieve in other aspects of their life. That is what we’re hoping to do with these old skills.

Original Roofing Company in the future

What we would love to do as a company is to produce these roofs and to have maybe four people, six people up in the slate mill producing the slate from Way Slate (from slate tips) and the Way Slate goes back to the crushes and goes through to building projects. I think there’s a massive market in the UK for these roofs to be made. It would have to be UK wide but I think you could have six people employed producing the slate and maybe another four to six people going nationally to site to lay these beautiful little grooves.

So I hope you liked hearing about that! Thank you for watching the video and goodbye!

Do you need to ask us about something in the video?

Just give us a bell or an email if there’s anything you need to know or anything you need to ask about. We’re more than happy to help!